NPHM Welcomes Cleopatra Watson to the team!

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The Museum welcomes community organizer Cleopatra Watson, as the Entrepreneurship Hub Coordinator. With a liberal arts degree and Masters of Social Work, from Jane Addams College of Social Work. Recently, Cleopatra ran for Alderman of the 9th ward in one of the most historical municipal elections of our lifetime. The 9th ward is located in the far south region of Chicago and home to 50,000 people many of whom are predominantly black people who live in Altgeld-Murray homes, Pullman, and Rosemoor to name a few communities. For her very first debut she earned more than 25% of the vote! Cleopatra will be instrumental in helping lead the development of this initiative.

The Museum’s Entrepreneurship Hub addresses the systemic and structural barriers to entrepreneurship and aims to a create a robust infrastructure to support a new generation of small businesses and cooperatives by public housing residents.