The People's Forum on Public Housing and Housing Insecurity

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Instead of a traditional mayoral forum with candidates giving stump speeches about what they think we want to hear, the National Public Housing invites candidates, with Amara Eniya and Lori Lightfoot currently confirmed, to participate in an active listening session with real experts – the people. This includes people who are surviving in a time of housing insecurity, public housing residents who have been displaced by the Plan for Transformation, people living with disabilities and having a hard time finding accommodating Section 8 housing, activists working to include an amendment to ban discrimination against people with prison records, and advocates who are pushing to lift the ban on rent control. The NPHM believes in the power of these people and strongly advocates for a space where transparent discussion is possible.

Join us at National Public Housing Museum offices for intimate conversation circles where attendees will be able to speak directly to each other and leading mayoral candidates to share their stories and solutions.

The event is co-sponsored by Chicago Housing Authority’s Central Advisory Committee. Light snacks will be provided.

Space is limited and RSVP is necessary: