Jordan Peele to remake "Candyman"


Jordan Peele, acclaimed writer and director of Get Out is producing a "spiritual sequel" to 1992's Candyman that will be directed by Nia DiCosta. The original was set in Cabrini-Green, the housing complex located on the Near North Side of Chicago, and centered on an urban legend, a killer who entered apartments through his victims’ medicine cabinets.

Peele's sequel will take place in the now gentrified neighborhood where Cabrini once stood.

The medicine cabinet pictured below was salvaged from the Jane Addams Homes and is a part of the NPHM commitment to tell all the stories of public housing. So while the cabinet addresses the neglect and abandonment public housing complexes faced from lack of funding, gangs, and inefficient policing methods, there is more to the story. The Jane Addams Homes, like many other housing complexes, initiated innovative public health programs like on-site infant care and well-baby clinics, midwives to provide prenatal care, and wellness checks for the elderly and the most vulnerable residents.

Visit us today and see one of the medicine cabinets that is part of our current exhibition at 625 North Kingsbury Street.