The Project(s): Thanks for a great evening!

Last night at the American Theater Company, over 100 supporters of the National Public Housing Museum gathered together in support of the Museum's spring fundraiser, a special viewing of The Project(s). For those who were able join us, we thank you -- we had a blast!

The stage manager captured the energy well, saying: "your group had the most vocal reaction, especially laughs of any audiences to date!" We know our supporters are passionate about the subject -- smiles of recognition were mixed with tears, frustration, pride and anger.  

We were inspired by how effectively the play captured the imagination of all our guests, including those who are new to the perplexing questions the playwright, director and artists so effectively posed. 

Whether you were in the audience or are catching the synopsis here, the evening's roller coaster of emotions truly addressed the diverse perspectives of public housing's legacy both in Chicago and nationally.

If you didn't get a chance to see The Project(s) yesterday evening, the theater just extended the show's run until June 21st. If you are former or current public housing resident or know of one who would like to attend the play for free, please contact Camille Acker at or 773.257.7246
Lastly, thanks so much to our sponsors who helped make yesterday evening's success possible: