NPHM at Festa Italiana

The National Public Housing Museum was delighted to have been invited by host organization University Village Association (of which NPHM is now a member) to participate in the annual Festa Italiana along Taylor Street this past Thursday - Sunday August 14-17. 


With a booth located directly in front of our future museum home, it was a great opportunity to share our story and progress with neighbors and passers-by.  We were most delighted by the many visitors who had their own stories to tell.  


We were reminded of how preserving this authentic place can inspire community conversations. One woman from Little Italy excitedly exclaimed: "I was born here!"  We met a young man from ABLA with a smartphone "archive" of pictures of families in the 1990s. A family of Mexican-American descent paused to photograph themselves in front of our banner and buildings. Even though they didn't live at 1322 Taylor, they took evident pride in this place just a few buildings away from their own, as they shared stories of a diverse community living here in the 1950s with their daughters. 


And in a series of snapshots, ensured that their piece of history would be celebrated for generations to come.