Giving Thanks and Looking Ahead

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be thankful for this year, including our fruitful museum partnerships, our wonderful interns and volunteers, and of course, YOU.

I thank you personally for your involvement, your generous donations, and your engagement in our efforts to be a civic commons, from "We Are A Part of Them" conversations to our site beautification day "Greening the Grounds."

This month, the National Public Housing Museum is both grateful and proud to make an announcement about our role in a big event being produced by Chicago in October, November and December 2015 – about eleven months from now.

NPHM is a Program Partner of The State of the Art of Architecture -- the first-ever Chicago Architecture Biennial, created by the City of Chicago, led by Ty Tabing and with co-artistic direction from Joseph Grima and Sarah Herda. This event will be the largest international survey of contemporary architecture in North America.

For CAB 2015 NPHM is working in collaboration with The Temple Hoyne Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture, Columbia University  in NYC to bring their exhibition House Housing: An Untimely History of Architecture and Real Estate to the US for the first time.

House Housing premiered in June 2014 in an Italian residential apartment as part of the Venice International Architecture Exhibition.  It chronicles the curious intersection of economics, politics and architecture that connect public housing to private real estate markets in a series of episodes. These stories range from lesser known Congressional experiments in wartime housing from 1918 to the recent foreclosure crisis.

Of course it’s probably a bit too soon to announce to ask you to mark calendars with a save the date…but for the staff and partners working behind the scenes, the next eleven months will progress like a blink of an eye.

As that developmental work transpires, we’ll be sharing with you how this Chicago-meets-NYC-and-Venice exhibition partnership segues with the work we’re doing towards construction at 1322 Taylor Street, where we’re advancing plans to open residents’ experiences of dwelling in the Jane Addams Homes to the public.

Alongside that core curatorial work, House Housing serves as a provocative reminder that the memories we’re collecting speak to contemporary design issues. And together the Buell Center and NPHM’s jointly mounted exhibit and related programming will ask tough questions about the economic, social and political contexts that will determine how we build housing accessibly, sustainably and affordably in the future.

Todd Palmer, Interim Executive Director and Curator of the NPHM