Telling Belongings Storytelling event on Monday, December 8th - Share your story!

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Come join us for "Telling Belongings," the last of our 3-part “We Are A Part of Them” program series.

Jane Addams' Hull House Museum, 800 S. Halsted St.
5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Monday, December 8th

Join the National Public Housing Museum as it connects our personal belongings to first-hand stories of the American public housing experience.

RSVP by emailing or by calling 773.257.7241

Come meet neighbors whose stories will become part of the NPHM through oral history and community co-curation projects. These projects will form the “Four Apartments: Walls that Speak,” our central exhibit for the Museum's home at 1322 Taylor Street.

Our storytelling conversation will be moderated by Georgina Valverde, an interdisciplinary artist and educator who serves as Assistant Director of Teacher Programs at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her concern for generating creative opportunities for everyone is especially pertinent to our "open-source" ambitions for the evening. 

Our Stories: 
The Reverend Marshall Hatch, is the Pastor of West Garfield’s New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church. His stories recall life in the Jane Addams Homes from 1962 – 1974, a time that African-American families’ housing options were limited by legal discrimination such as red-lining.

Ines Medor will be joined by her son, Jack Medor, NPHM’s Board Treasurer. She remembers how Jane Addams Homes was embraced by immigrant families like hers that moved in when it opened in 1938. The daughter of Jewish Holocaust refugees from Poland and Russia, her stories recall the intricate connections between public housing, the “Hull House” neighborhood and Little Italy.

Maria Sopeña grew up Cuban-American in Uptown and now lives in “scattered site” housing just a few blocks from the Mayor’s home. She’s a public housing resident advocate as the Local Advisory President representing the Northeast Scattered Sites community, and her son and nephew are part of NPHM’s Youth Advisory Council which will pilot a community co-curation intiative in 2015.

Your Stories:
Would you like to participate in Telling Belongings? After our panelist discussion, we'll open up the circle to your stories: open-mike/show-and-tell style. 

Telling your belongings story? Some things to know:

  • Bring a belonging with you: that is, an object or photo you’d like to share a story about.
  • What do we mean by belongings? - Really, they can be just about anything. Something that lives with pride of place on your apartment walls. Or something buried in a closet or drawer. Belongings evoke a time of your life, places you miss, things you aspire to.
  • Presenters are chosen at random. There is a chance that you won’t get chosen.
  • If you're asked to speak, explain what you've brought, even if it is obvious. Tell why it is important to you and why people should care.
  • You have five minutes to talk. You can talk for less than than five minutes. In fact, we encourage less than five minutes!
  • If you do bring something to share, our staff will photographyour belonging to become part of our virtual collection. And we'll follow-up with other opportunities for you to share your story.

Won't you come join us? RSVP by emailing or by calling 773.257.7241


Instructions adapted from That Belongs in a Museum.