We Are a Part of Them - Community Open House

Thanks to all of those whose attended our Community Open House.

The conversation about the future home of the National Public Housing Museum was incredible as we worked to embody the spirit of community. This idea is echoed in our program series entitled: "WE ARE A PART OF THEM," sharing perspectives from as far away as Brooklyn housing projects to as close as Cabrini-Green not four blocks away.

In our circle we shared stories bringing together high schoolers and parents from Northeast Scattered Sites Housing, college students from Stateway Gardens, designers from IIT, and researchers from the University of Chicago. In addition, our circle included former CHA employees and consultants, stakeholders from the Central Advisory Council, the Chicago Community Trust and the Alphawood Foundation, along with professionals, artists and other citizens from all walks of life. 

Together we spoke truthfully of a museum that not only celebrates our successes but also helps people learn from our challenges. We are reminded that we will be a museum dedicated to history and personal stories in addition to reflecting the need for a broader public discourse in improving public housing policy and the plight of our neediest residents. 

Through our future museum home on Taylor Street, hosting conversations just like this one, including exhibitions, talks, and additional resources, we hope to transform the way our different stakeholders interact as we tell the story of the American public housing experience.

We look forward to continuing to engage in these important conversations.