Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York, PEOPLE OF PUBLIC HOUSING is a simple project. With this collection of stories and images of those with lived experience in public housing, we hope to not only illuminate the diverse backgrounds of public housing residents, but also highlight some of the commonalities that we all share.

Meet JonTia Pegues, who lived in the ABLA community from 1987 to 1997:

I love Jeopardy! and I really plan to be on there before Alex Trebek retires. I just saw an article the other day that he knows who he wants to replace him and I’m like, “Not yet!” So I have to prepare and take the test. I have this app in my phone that helps me keep track of my score while I’m watching the show – like I really love this show. That started probably when I was 12. When I started to visit my dad on the weekends, I saw that he liked Jeopardy! and he was really good at it. I was really surprised and then I just started watching Jeopardy! after that.